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HTML Manipulation using jQuery

Using jQuery we can perform different methods of HTML manipulations. For example if  you want to add the contents to the HTML elements you can use  jQuery append() or prepend() Now let us see some of the jQuery manipulation functions

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Use of Callback functions in jQuery

Javascript statements will be executed in the  line by line.While using animation function, next line will be executed before completing the animation function. This might cause an error. In order to overcome this callback function is used. Callback function is

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How to create effects using jQuery

Creating the effects to your webpage is easy by using jQuery effects. Now let us see the some simple jQuery effects 1. jQuery Hide and Show hide()- To hide your HTML elements show()- To show the hidden elements Optional-you can

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Event Handling Functions using jQuery

Event handling are the important function in jQuery. Event handlers are called when something happens eg: clicking a button. It is referred as trigger of an event. Let us describe with simple example: EXPLANATION: By clicking (triggering) a button i.e;

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Simple drop down menu using jQuery

Creating the drop down menu is very simple using jQuery when compared to javascript. By just adding a small piece of jQuery code you can do a lot of things within drop down menu. Using this you can able to

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Use jQuery’s serialize method to save your coding time

Still now many peoples are  using the query string parameters while creating jquery code for posting their form using ajax method of jquery. We have to spend lot of time in creating the dataString value if the form has lot

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jQuery Selectors

jQuery selectors allows you to select and manipulate HTML elements as a group or as a single element. It  selects HTML elements (or groups of elements) by element name, attribute name or by content. JQUERY ELEMENT SELECTORS: It uses CSS

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jQuery Syntax

The jQuery syntax is made for selecting HTML elements and to perform some action on those element(s). Basic syntax is: $(selector).action() A dollar sign to define jQuery A (selector) to “query (or find)” HTML elements A jQuery action() to be

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jQuery Introduction

JQuery is a type of  JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. It provides easier access to the DOM model and it also simplifies the creation of animations, communicating with server, document traversing and event handling. Another striking

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