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How to change php date format?

Most of the countries are using different date format. There is a large variety of date formats in use, which differ in the order of date components, component separators, whether leading zeros are included, whether all four digits of the

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How to store array value in database using php?

Here we discuss about how to update the array value in the database.This concept is very helpful in PHP web application as it is used in many situations. You can store the user’s information in a single table. It is

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How to make case sensitive password in php?

Login from

About Case-sensitive and why it is needed Some computer languages are case-sensitive. In other words, “Computer” and “computer” are two different words because the letter “C” is in uppercase and lowercase. Many times a password and username is case-sensitive. This

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Sample PHP code to store and verify the encrypted password


Sample PHP code to Store and verify the encrypted password Here Base64-encoded and decode function is used to store and retrieve the password. Base64 encoded function is commonly used when there is a need to encode binary data that needs

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PHP code for sending an email with multiple file attachment

In the earlier post we have seen about sending an email with a file attachment . Now let us see how to send an a email with multiple file attachment. For this just we have to place the files in

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PHP code for concatenating array elements to string with delimiters

As in the earlier concatenating array elements into string with delimiter are quite complex. Now it is  easy to concatenate the  array elements to string with delimiter using PHP implode() or join(). 1. implode() implode() joins the array elements into

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How to add the facebook like button to our Webpage

Now it is easy to make our page SEO friendly, by adding facebook like button or Bookmarking button to our webpage this makes the user easy to bookmark our sites for their future use. This will make our site userfriendly

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PHP code for sending email with File Attachment

The mail() function  allows us to directly send email from php script.  This function allows sending header information as parameter. This feature can be used for attaching files with the email sent from mail() function. The below function mail_attachment can

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Correct php code for seeing the IP Address of the Server

You can check your ip address for your machine by using the following code: echo $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; If you wanted to check whether the IP address got changed then try with the below statement. echo $_SERVER[‘SERVER_ADDR’]; And, it was showing the

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