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Cross browser web development

The important challenge for any web developer is making the website work in many different types of browsers(IE, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome) and also in different browser versions. To achieve this, we may need to write separate code for each

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Ways to improve user experience in any website

As of now, I can think about below things to improve user friendliness or user experience. Put the cursor (i-e give focus) in the appropriate HTML control/element immediately after loading the webpage. If possible provide appropriate/standard shortcut keys. When doing

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Web Development Best Practices

High speed Internet connection and Technology Giants such as Google andApple make most of the people to use internet daily. So, Web Development is getting important place in Software development. We need to consider many factors when doing website development. –

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Why we need a Website?

In the today’s environment, there are millions of websites emerging everyday. Each website  contains the unique information from the various source. Here are the some of the reasons why we need a website 1. Information Sharing We can share  the

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Hello world!

Welcome to site.  You can learn here the sources related to build web sites.

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