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Basics of Session and Cookies

We know that Webpages are getting displayed using stateless Protocol. So there should be someway for keeping the session of the user navigating the webpages within a website. Session variables and Cookie variables can be used for this purpose. Basically Session variables

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Web Development Best Practices

High speed Internet connection and Technology Giants such as Google andApple make most of the people to use internet daily. So, Web Development is getting important place in Software development. We need to consider many factors when doing website development. –

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About Session & cookie

A normal HTML website will not pass data from one page to another. In other words, all information is forgotten when a new page is loaded. This makes it quite a problem for tasks like a shopping cart, which requires

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How web works?

If you enter the URL in your browser. The browser broke the URL into three parts: 1. The protocol (“http”) 2. The server name (“”) 3. The file name (“index.html”) • The browser communicated with a name server to

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What are web server and browser?

We have already seen about the basics of internet.   What is web server? A web site is a collection of web pages. And web pages are digital files, typically written using HyperText Markup Language (HTML). A web site to

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Basics of Internet

In 1969, the US Department of Defense started a project to allow researchers and military personnel to communicate with each other in an emergency. The project was called ARPAnet and it is the foundation of the Internet. Throughout the 1970’s, what

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