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Eraser Tool ( E ) – Flash Tools

Eraser tool is used to Erase.It has three modifiers.1.Eraser Mode 2.Eraser Shape 3.Faucet Eraser Mode : The Eraser has five modifiers. 1.Erase Normal 2.Erase Lines 3.Erase Fills 4.erase selected Fills 5.Erase Inside These are similar to brush mode button. Erase

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Brush ( B ) – Flash Tools

The Brush tool is very similar to the pencil tool.But the brush tool draws both a fill and an outline. The brush tool has four options: 1.Brush mode 2. rush Size 3. Brush Shape 4. lock Fill 1.Brush Mode :

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Pencil Tool ( Y ) – Flash Tools

The Pencil tool is used to draw free-form lines. How to use the Pencil Tool? 1.Select the tool 2.Drag on the Stage to draw with the Pencil tool. Pencil Modes : we can apply smoothing or straightening to the lines

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Rectangle Tool(R)-Flash Tools

The Rectangle tool is used to draw square and rectangle. Pressing the shift key while drawing will make the rectangle to perfect square. How to use the Rectangle Tool? 1.Choose the Rectangle tool. 2.Drag on the Stage to draw a

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Oval Tool – Flash Tools

The oval tool is used to draw an Oval and Circle.If we press the Shift key while drawing we can get the perfectly round circle. How to use oval tool? 1.Choose the oval tool 2.Drag on the Stage to draw

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Text Tool ( T ) – Flash Tools

Text Tool is used to place a text. How to use the text tool? 1.Select the text tool 2.A small box appears with a blinking cursor at the text insertion point. 3.In the character panel choose a font that we

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Pen Tool – Flash Tools

Pen tool is used to draw straight lines or smooth and curves. How to draw straight lines with the Pen tool? 1.Select the Pen tool. 2. Click on the stage to set points, Flash automatically connects those points. 3.If we

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Lasso Tool ( L ) – Flash Tools

The Lasso Tool is a free selection tool. With the Lasso Tool we can click and then drag to draw any shape selection that you want; if we release the mouse, the shape will automatically close itself by connecting the

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Line Tool ( N ) – Flash Tools

The line tool is used for drawing lines. How to use the line tool? 1.Choose the line tool 2.Just click on the start point of our line then drag the mouse and release on the end point. We can change

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Subselection Tool (A) – Flash Tools

The Subselect tool is used to select and alter specific points on a curve. How to use Sub selectiontool? 1.Choose the subselecion tool from the toolbox. 2.Click the mouse on our predrawn bezier’s. 3.Now we can see skeleton like structure

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