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Movie Clip Symbols – Flash symbols

Movie clip symbol is an independent,self-contained movie component.Like the button symbol, a movie clip symbol has its own internal timeline.The simplest explanation of movie clip is “a movie with in a movie”.Movie clip can be very complicated thing,containing all manner

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Button Symbols – Flash Symbols

Buttons are essential features of any interactive web site.They are the key to any good menu or site navigation interface.Button symbols have a standard four-frame internal timeline.This timeline encode the different button states. CREATING A BUTTON 1. Choose Insert->New Symbol

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Graphic symbols- Flash symbols

A graphic symbol is a symbol whose content remains static.Graphic symbols are not as feature-rich as button or movie clip symbols. How to create a Graphic Symbol? 1.Choose Insert->New Symbol in the menu (Or press Ctrl-F8) and the Symbol Properties

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Flash – Symbols

Symbols are self-contained pieces of movie content that we can create once and then use many times in our movies.Symbols have their own”internal timeline”, which allows them to work independently from the main movie’s timeline. If we create a copy

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Flash is a vector animation software which facilitates multimedia operation.Flash is used for creating advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast. Flash movies load faster and save on download time because Flash is vector based whereas HTML is not. Flash

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Eyedropper (I) – Flash Tools

This tool is used to suck up the colors and styles of fills from objects.The dropper tool can also bu used to pick up bitmaps and gradients. How to use the Eyedropper tool? 1. Select the Eye dropper tool 2.

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Ink bottle (S) – Flash Tools

Ink bottle tool is used to change the stroke color, line width, and style of lines or shape outlines. How to use the Ink bottle tool? 1. Click the ink bottle tool (or) S 2. Choose the stroke color ,

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Paint Bucket ( K ) – Flash Tool

Paint bucket also commonly known as the “Fill” tool . It’s used for filling solid colors, gradient fills, and bitmap fills in an empty shapes or for changing the fill color of existing shapes.

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Zoom Tool (M,Z) – Flash Tools

The zoom tool is very easy to has two options 1.Enlarge 2. Reduce Clicking on the screen with the enlarge option selected will zoom in on the screen, and clicking with the Reduce option selected will zoom out. once

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Hand Tool – Flash Tools

The Hand tool is used for moving around the segment of the stage It’s most useful when we are zoomed right in and we are not able to see the entire movie.any changes in view we make in the authoring

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