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Alternate solution to reduce the z-index for Youtube Videos

Have you find it’s a difficult to reduce the z-index for your youtube video here is simple solution to make your video behind the website content. Usually youtube videos has a more z-index than the other contents. Lowering the z-index

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Javascript code for creating a POP-UP window

We have already seen about creating a POP-UP menus using javascript. Let us see how to create a POP-UP window using javscript. Now we are going create code html file and we are going to add the link, whenever the

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How to add embed code to your website using iframe

To increase the visibility of your site or code, you can make use of embed code to your site so that the user can place the your code in their site thus it will improve the visibility of your code.

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Adding Pinterest button to your website

Now-a-days,  Pinterest plays a major role in social media for sharing  your videos,  photos etc., So you can pin your photos, videos easily using Pinterest Button You can add the  Pinterest button to your website using the following code

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