Tweening – Flash animation

The term “Tweening” is derived from “in between”.
Tweened animations are those where the user defines the starting and ending framesĀ  (keyframes) and Flash generates the content for the frames in between.There are really two different types of animation in flash.They are

1.Motion Tweening :
Motion Tweening is moving an object from point A on the stage to point B on the stage.
We can alter objects as they move.We can fade them into the background,change their tint,and scale and rotate them.

How to do Motion Tweening?
How to progressively change the size of our object over the duration of our animation?(Scaling)
How to Rotate the object during motion tween?(Rotate)
How to apply Easing ?
How to create Motion Tweening Effect – Fading with Alpha?
How to create Fading with Tint- Motion Tweening Effect?
Motion Guide:
It’s used to guide the objects.

2.Shape Tweening:
Shape tweening is morphing shapes into something new,rich and strange ,either standing still or moving around.

Shape Hints:
shape hints give us a fine degree of control over the way that a shape tween will work.

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