Flash is a vector animation software which facilitates multimedia operation.Flash is used for creating advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast.

  • Flash movies load faster and save on download time because Flash is vector based whereas HTML is not.
  • Flash intelligently ‘caches’ it’s movies so they don’t have to be reloaded.
  • Flash gives the user (the person viewing/using the Flash movie) a more responsive ‘rich-client’ like experience.

Here you can view the list of flash materials.

  1. Flash Essentials
  2. Flash Tools
  3. Flash Symbols
  4. Grouping Objects
  5. Bitmap Images in Flash
  6. Tweening – Flash animation

        1.Motion Tweening :

        How to do Motion Tweening?
        How to progressively change the size of our object over the duration of our animation?
        How to Rotate the object during motion tween?(Rotate)
        How to apply Easing ?
        How to create Motion Tweening Effect – Fading with Alpha?
        How to create Fading with Tint- Motion Tweening Effect?

        Motion Guide:
        It’s used to guide the objects.

        2.Shape Tweening:

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