Ways to improve user experience in any website

As of now, I can think about below things to improve user friendliness or user experience.

  • Put the cursor (i-e give focus) in the appropriate HTML control/element immediately after loading the webpage. If possible provide appropriate/standard shortcut keys. When doing javascript validation also, give focus to the appropriate control/element.
  • Keep the menu/navigation very clearly to avoid any ambiguity/confusion. Especially any “Back” button should load appropriate previous page with appropriate contents.
  • Any scroll bar should be shown dynamically to improve the user friendliness.
  • All the pages should have link to the Home page
  • Clicking on any link should load the page in new window or in same window based on the context(e.g Calendar window for date selection should be opened in new window). If you are choosing to open it in new window, then don’t forget to provide close button in the new window.
  • Always show appropriate confirmation once after completing operations such as save, update and delete. And also, get confirmation from user before deleting any data from database by showing alert Dialog.
  • Provide appropriate Page Title and Page Heading to help the user to understand his navigation path.
  • If possible use cookies to improve user experience by storing frequently used details/preferences in user’s machine
  • We can provide WYSIWYG editor such as FCKeditor instead of textarea to enable the user to do desired formatting. Please remember to include textarea also if the editor (iframe) is not supported by any browser.
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