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JavaScript split

The split() method is used to split a string into an array of substrings, based on a character that divides the parts. The character that divides the parts could be many things, ex – a comma, a slash, a pipe

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jQuery focus blur events

In this post I will show how this ‘focus’ and ‘blur’ events are useful to us. In the previous post the addClass and removeClass functions triggered on mouseover and mouseout events. In this example let’s see how these functions get

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Jquery addClass/removeClass

The both addClass and removeClass functions used to add new class and remove existing class of any html element. You can see the demo of this function below. Syntax: .addClass( [ className ] ) .removeClass( [ className ] ) See

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jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how/where to download jQuery library and then how to include it to your files and how to use all its functions. You can download jQuery library from jQuery site. – download this file

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MySQL Order By

The way to order your result in MySQL is to use the ORDER BY statement. The ORDER BY keyword is used to sort the result-set by a specified column. You can sort the results by any field in an ascending

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Assume in a table, some of the columns may contain duplicate values. This is not a problem; however, sometimes you will want to list only the different (distinct) values in a table. DISTINCT helps to eliminate duplicates. If a query

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MySQL Delete

The DELETE statement is used to delete records in a table. If you want to delete a record from any MySQL table then you can use SQL command DELETE. Syntax: DELETE FROM table_name WHERE Clause condition If WHERE clause is

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MySQL Update

The UPDATE statement is used to update records in a table. There may be a requirement where existing data in a MySQL table need to be modified. You can do so by using SQL UPDATE command. This will modify any

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The AND operator displays a record if both the first condition and the second condition is true. The OR operator displays a record if either the first condition or the second condition is true. Example for AND : Now we

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MySQL Where

We have seen MySQL SELECT command to fetch data from MySQL table. We can use a conditional clause called WHERE clause to filter out results. Using WHERE clause we can specify a selection criteria to select required records from a

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