Lasso Tool ( L ) – Flash Tools

The Lasso Tool is a free selection tool.
With the Lasso Tool we can click and then drag to draw any shape selection that you want; if we release the mouse, the shape will automatically close itself by connecting the open ends with a line, or we can connect the ends ourself by dragging all the way to our starting point.

The options available for the Lasso Tool are:

Magic Wand:
We can click in a single area to select all values of pixels matching those in that area.
The magic wand is used to select a specific color in the image.For example if we had a picture of sky with clouds,and if we wanted to select the sky and not the clouds means we can use the Magic Wand tool.
Magic Wand Properties:
It controls the Magic Wand mode by setting Threshold value.If the threshold is high value, more area will be selected
Polygon Mode:
we can draw your own custom shape but instead of being freeform, the shape is drawn in the form of interconnected straight lines.

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