Brush ( B ) – Flash Tools

The Brush tool is very similar to the pencil tool.But the brush tool draws both a fill and an outline.
The brush tool has four options:
1.Brush mode 2. rush Size 3. Brush Shape 4. lock Fill

1.Brush Mode :
This option has five modifiers.

  • Paint Normal

It will paint over anything else that’s on the screen.

  • Paint Fills

It will only paint fills and leave the lines as they are.

  • Paint Behind

It will only paint on blank areas of the current layer.

  • Paint Selection

It will only paint on selected areas of the screen.Areas as selected by arrow tool.(Selection tool)

  • Paint Inside

If we start painting in an empty area, the fill doesn’t affect any existing filled areas.

2.Brush Size :
This option changes the width and spred of the brush strokes.

3.Brush Shape:
This option opens a menu containing a selection of different shapes to paint with – round ,flat and so on.

4. Lock Fill

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