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Brush ( B ) – Flash Tools

The Brush tool is very similar to the pencil tool.But the brush tool draws both a fill and an outline. The brush tool has four options: 1.Brush mode 2. rush Size 3. Brush Shape 4. lock Fill 1.Brush Mode :

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Pencil Tool ( Y ) – Flash Tools

The Pencil tool is used to draw free-form lines. How to use the Pencil Tool? 1.Select the tool 2.Drag on the Stage to draw with the Pencil tool. Pencil Modes : we can apply smoothing or straightening to the lines

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Rectangle Tool(R)-Flash Tools

The Rectangle tool is used to draw square and rectangle. Pressing the shift key while drawing will make the rectangle to perfect square. How to use the Rectangle Tool? 1.Choose the Rectangle tool. 2.Drag on the Stage to draw a

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Oval Tool – Flash Tools

The oval tool is used to draw an Oval and Circle.If we press the Shift key while drawing we can get the perfectly round circle. How to use oval tool? 1.Choose the oval tool 2.Drag on the Stage to draw

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HTML Hyperlinks (Links) A hyperlink (or link) is a word, group of words, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. When you move the cursor over

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Ordered List : If you want to display the list of items with numbering ,then using <ol> tag , it is a ordered list. It have type attribute which tell its number or capital letters or roman letters etc., -<ol>

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How to draw a border around form elements

<fieldset> defines a group of form elements as being logically related. The browser draws a box around the set of fields to indicate that they are related. The <legend> tag defines a caption for the fieldset element. Example: <FORM> <FIELDSET>

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what is form ? Forms are the most popular way to make web pages interactive. Like forms on paper, a form on a web page allows the user to enter requested information and submit it for processing. A form can

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How to create Html Tables?

How to create Table? The opening tag <table>– indicate beginning of the table the closing tag </table> -indicate ending of the table. A table is divided into rows (with the <tr> tag), and each row is divided into data cells

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How to display images in html document?

How to display images in html document? using <img> tag we may display the images in the html document <img> tag is empty, which means that it contains attributes only, and has no closing tag. There are three image formats

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